Whether it’s a short-lived vacation or a long-term move, there’s no denying that Vanuatu’s South Pacific island is a piece of heaven that’s as close to paradise as we’re likely to be on the planet. From azure ocean water and pristine beaches to low living costs and the country’s socio-economic and political stability, it is not difficult to see why so many foreign nationals choose the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program as their preferred route to a second passport for themselves and their families.

This is because many people tend to see better-known islands like Hawaii, Fiji, Bali and Bora Bora as their top places to visit. These travelers, however, have probably never heard of Vanuatu. Indeed, the HuffPost lists Vanuatu as “the most underrated island paradise on Earth.” And maybe that’s a good thing, because once the world finds out about this little nation, Vanuatu could easily become one of the most talked-about islands escapes on the globe.

Vanuatu is a place you’re going to want to come back to again and again. So why not make the process as simple and painless as possible by becoming a fully-fledged citizen? Apart from its spectacular surroundings and high quality of life, holding a Vanuatu passport opens the door to a multitude of opportunities and advantages, including unlimited travel to popular destinations around the globe and more.

If you’re someone who enjoys taking long island vacations, or if you’re looking to move to a more picturesque setting than your current home, take a look at why Vanuatu might be the best place for you.

Awesome natural environment:

Vanuatu is the idea of paradise most people have with its luxuriant jungles, unspoiled beaches, vibrant countryside, tropical weather and clear azure waters. Furthermore, you will enjoy world class diving, incredible seafood, friendly locals and a tranquil environment, all with a slice of heaven. We say everything to you because the 83 Vanuatu-built islands are an unfamiliar gem not frequented by many visitors – which makes it much more enjoyable to be there because there are no crowds. Be it a short visit in Vanuatu, or a long stay, you will spend your time in the country enjoying the finer things in your life.

High Life Quality:

On several occasions, the Vanuatu nation was designated a happiest place on the planet – a positive result if factors such as well-being, consumption, lifespan, inequality and ecological footprint are taken into account. The fact that the happiness of Vanuatu is due to the unique combination of sustainability and tradition in the country is widely accepted. Those with citizenship in Vanuatu can therefore expect to smile on their faces for the entire time they are staying.

Low living costs:

Vanuatu’s living costs are significantly lower in comparison with many others around the world, mainly because of its low visitor volume. It does not take a heavy bank account to move to a peaceful and charming island to live comfortably.

Secure and safe:

Vanuatu, a country that is known to be stable and peaceful, is so safe that it has no regular military forces. If you and your family want peace of mind, Vanuatu should be at the top of your list.

Benefits of Vanuatu’s CBI Program:

  • Unrestricted travel: Vanuatu citizenship means that investors are granted visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to more than 125 countries, including the UK, the Schengen Area and Singapore.
  • Retirement option: Vanuatu is most people’s idea of an island paradise – so why not reward yourself for all your hard work and spend your golden years here?
  • Ultimate insurance: Vanuatu’s second citizenship is a great Plan B to make your mind easier in times when your country is in a state of economic and political instability.
  • Ease of Process: The application process is designed to be a smooth and uncomplicated process that does not require an interview, training and management experience.
  • Favorable tax policies: Vanuatu places no taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, dividends, gifts, wealth and inheritance.
  • Minimal residency requirements: There are no physical residency requirements and applicants do not have to visit Vanuatu before or after the applying.
  • Dual citizenship permitted: When obtaining Vanuatuan citizenship, you are not required to renounce your current citizenship(s), and your home authorities will not be notified of your new nationality and passport.

If you would like to apply to the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program or would like to learn more, get in contact with us today for a free online consultation and one of our agents will happily aid you in your enquiry.