The twin island nations of Antigua & Barbuda make up for an independent Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean. A classic tropical sanctuary, it includes about 365 white and pink sand beaches, surprisingly making that one for every day of the year. Saint John’s is the capital and largest city in the country, and has an easy-going vibe with all the essential amenities like financial institutions, services, education, among others.

Processing Time


Donation or Investment From

$ 100,000 USD

VISA-Free Travel Within


  • Straightforward, simple investment plans
  • Processing time 3-6 months
  • No landing required
  • Visa Free access to 131+ countries (UK; EU)
  • No personal or worldwide income tax
  • Dual citizenship permitted
  • Limited residency requirement; 5 days in a 5 year span
  • Inclusion of dependent children under 28 years and dependent parents aged 58 years and above
  • Limited number of documents to be submitted

Investment Options

Antigua & Barbuda’s Residency & Citizenship by Investment program requires investors to either contribute to the National Development Fund or invest into Real Estate projects or a government approved business in exchange for a citizenship and passport.

Contribution to NDF

The government has recently reduced the required contribution amount to only $100,000 (family of 4) and $125,000 (family of 5 or more).

Real Estate Investment

Make a joint investment in real estate through the purchase of shares in a company holding the asset. Two applications from related parties in the amount of a minimum of US$200,000 will be considered as qualifying investment.

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