Before You Apply

Applying to a Citizenship, Residency or Immigration by Investment program can only be done through a Government-Authorised Agent like Raizing Citizen. We have been working closely with the governments on countless applications. We are continuously updating and refining our systems and protocols to meet the requirements of the governments. You can contact us and book a free consultation to gain more insight into the application procedure.

You may already know exactly what you need, or what you do not need, which will undoubtedly make the consultation and decision-making simpler. In case you are not sure what to aim for, a first consultation is usually a discussion on what problem you are hoping to solve. It would be beneficial to make a note of issues related to your citizenship or passport, like difficulties and delays when travelling, wishing to relocate with your family for economic, political or business reasons; and explain them to your consultant.

Choosing a program can seem like a difficult task since all of the programs have features that can benefit you. The best approach for making a decision is analysing your circumstances to understand which program is best for you. There are a few factors you can consider when choosing a program that will bring the most value in the long run.

Your plans for the future should be imperative when selecting a program; an essential consideration if you are single or a young couple should be whether you intend on starting a family. Similarly, the number of dependents is vital for large families because certain countries offer better investment packages for families. On the other hand, your travelling habits and goals might take the lead, so considering key destinations for business or leisure travel is essential to make sure your new citizenship and passport provide ease of access through visa-free or visa-on-arrival to those destinations.

Citizenship FAQ's

Dual Nationality, Second Citizenship, Second Passport, or multiple citizenships refers to the occasion when a person is a legal citizen of two or more countries at the same time. Some countries do not allow their citizens to hold second citizenship, so it is essential to verify whether this is the case for your country of citizenship before applying to acquire another one.

Citizenship by Investment is a particular category of the citizenship law, the requirements are usually an investment in the economy of the country, and as a result of the investment, the investor legally obtains citizenship status and a passport. The benefit of this citizenship category is that citizenship status is achieved in a shorter timeframe than traditional immigration processes, with little or no physical residency requirements.

A Second Citizenship can solve many problems at once by providing you with easier access to a stable, safe and prosperous economy, more access to business opportunities and global markets, world-class healthcare, education opportunities for this and future generations. Your nationality by birth or your immigration status should not limit you. You can become a global citizen through any of our Citizenship or Residency by Investment programs and discover personal freedom, security and prosperity waiting for you and the ones you love.

Countries that offer Citizenship by Investment programs include CyprusMalta,  VanuatuSt. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda.

The value of family is something embedded deep into the core of our values and principles, so providing the best solutions for families is our driving motive when advising on a program. The second citizenship programs encourage that you pass on your citizenship to your future generations, and by doing so, you are building a secure future for them. A citizenship from an economically and politically stable country provides access to world-class healthcare and social services. Additionally, access to prestigious education opportunities allows your children to obtain high standard education and build connections with the most significant business hubs in the world.

Residency FAQ's

A second residency is one obtained in a different country in addition to the primary or current residency of the applicant. A significant number of countries allow their citizens or residents to hold multiple residencies and benefit from all of them.

Residency by Investment, similar to Citizenship by Investment is a category of the residency law which allows individuals to obtain legal residency into a country by making an investment in a designated government-approved sector. The difference between a Residency by Investment and a residency obtained by conventional process is that the residency through investment has little or no physical residency requirements.

Holding a second residency provides different benefits, such as the ability to live and work freely in two nations and travel between the countries easier. Dual residents receive the benefits and privileges offered by each country; they are also allowed to work in either country without needing a visa or work permit and can attend university in the country where they reside.

Countries that offer Residency by Investment include  Portugal and Greece.

When a second residence is obtained, the family benefits in multiple ways. Your relatives will have access to the health system and will be able to access universities and job opportunities that may not be available in your home country.

Immigration FAQ's

Immigration by Investment programs are an entirely different category for obtaining a resident status in the countries that offer it. Usually, the category requires or is related to the establishment of businesses or introducing branches in the designated country. They are an attractive option for business owners to gain access to international markets and benefit from the respective country’s regulation and services.

If you have a thriving business but find that geographical boundaries restrict its potential, then an Immigration by Investment program may be perfect for you. Aimed at business owners and individuals who are inventive and driven; these programs offer accessible solutions for establishing your business or business idea internationally.

Countries that offer Immigration by Investment include UKIreland and USA among others.

By applying to an Immigration by Investment program, your family will have the opportunity to relocate smoothly and in a shorter time span. When you have a family business, Immigration by Investment programs provide a platform to develop your business further in a stronger economy.

Eligibility & Requirements FAQ's

Each country has a specific set of requirements the applicant must meet to be able to apply for its citizenship or residency by investment programs. Some of the most common conditions include being over 18 years of age, having a clean criminal record, a legal source of funds and investing in one of the government-approved options. Immigration by Investment programs overlap with some of the requirements of the citizenship and residency by investment programs, but usually include additional business-related requirements to be met to be eligible to apply.

Governments collaborate with independent third-party Due Diligence Agents who use a variety of publicly available information sources and intelligence to check the factual information of the applicant and everyone included in the application. These checks include verification of birth certificates at official institutions, media reports, verification of businesses and companies the applicant owns. A third level check includes vetting the applicant by law enforcement agencies and INTERPOL to ensure a clean criminal history. Once the checks have been completed, the Government draws a decision based on the Due Diligence reports.

Because we treat every application with the same care and attention like our very first, we are proud to say that we have a 0% rejection rate. Our team of professional consultants and case officers have worked on countless applications, each with its distinctive circumstances, and they can foresee problems before they arise. To prevent a possible rejection and prior to onboarding you as our client, we conduct a pre-approval check at no cost to you. By working with you and asking the correct questions we make sure to find out if there is anything that might raise red flags before your application is submitted. Honesty and transparency are paramount when it comes to preventing rejection. In the unlikely case you do get rejected, we can advise on measures to improve your status.

Eligibility of dependents is individual to the countries, but usually a spouse and underage children, biological or adopted are eligible. Dependent children over the age of 18 can be included as well if they meet specific criteria. Additionally, parents and sometimes grandparents of the main applicant and their spouse can be included, given that they fit the requirements. You can discuss who you would like to add to your application during your consultation with our professional consultants.

It is important that you identify the requirements to add family members when you apply to a citizenship, residence or immigration program through investment.
The requirements vary depending on the program of your choice, and some programs are more flexible than others when it comes to adding family members. Our expert consultants will guide you through the process and will inform you of the requirements for the program that satisfies your needs.

Generally, the governments treat applicants as individuals and their countries of origin as circumstantial. The relations of your country of origin and the country you wish to apply to can create restrictions for the application, but our team tries to foresee problems like that and warn you of them.

The governments of the countries that offer these programs welcome you to learn their languages and experience the lifestyle and cultural abundance they have to offer. Still, in cases of Citizenship by Investment programs, you are not required to learn the language if you do not desire to do so. On the other hand, Residency and Immigration by Investment programs sometimes require you to learn the language.

The most distinctive feature of these programs is that they have little to no physical residency requirements, meaning that if you’re unable to or do not desire to, you never have to visit them. Bear in mind that some of the programs do require a physical visit or some physical residency. That is something to consider if you do not wish to be obligated to travel.